Fourth Triennial International
Hand & Wrist Biomechanics Symposium
Izmir, Turkey, June 15, 2001
Ahmet Ekin, MD, Izmir, Turkey
Marc Garcia-Elias, MD, Insitut Kaplan
Organizing Committee
Kai-Nan An, PhD, Mayo Clinic
David L. Nelson, MD, Director, San Francisco Bay Area Hand Club
Frederic Schuind, MD, PhD, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Frederick W. Werner, MME, SUNY Upstate Medical Univeristy
Welcome address (Professor Ahmet)
"Influence of the various distal insertions of the so-called abductor pollicis longus (APL) on the trapezio-metacarpal joint" by Brunelli GA, Brunelli GR. (Brescia, Italy; and Paris, France).

"Contact and dynamic analysis of the PIP joint fracture-dislocation using finite element method" by Hashizume H, Tanaka H, Sarai T, Nagayama N, Sakamoto Y (Okayama, Japan).

"Verification of a video-based motion analysis system for measuring impairment of finger motion by fluoroscopy" by Kuo LC, Su FC, Chiu HY (Tainan, Taiwan).

"Applying principles of Neurophysiology and robotics to understand biomechanics, neuromuscular control and clinical rehabilitation of human digits" by Valero-Cuevas FJ (Ithaca NY, USA).

"Factors affecting tendon gliding" by An KN, Zobitz ME, Berglund L, Zhao CF, Uchiyama S (Rochester MN, USA)

"Muscle activation during isometric torque generation at wrist joint" by Chang YW, Strommen J, Su FC, Wu HW, An KN (Rochester MN, USA).

"Biomechanical assessment of dynamical/temporal performance in pianists" by Minetti AE, Ardigo LP (Alsager,UK, and Pavia,ltaly)

Round Table: "New developments in external fixation of distal radial fractures. Are they biomechanical sound?" by Drs. Schuind F(Brussels, Belgium), Nelson D (San Francisco CA, USA), Luboshitz S (Tel-Aviv, Israel). Moderator: Garcia- Elias M (Barcelona, Spain)

"Biomechanical analysis of a new lunate replacement for Kienbock's disease" by Tanaka H, Hashizume H, Oda M, Inoue H (Okayama, Japan)

"The influence of wrist position on individual finger force production" by Li ZM, Flaherty M, Porco T, Nethery J (North Canton OH, USA)

"Correlation between joint laxity, distal radioulnar joint morphology and ulnarside carpal kinematics" by Garcia-Elias M, Pitagoras T (Barcelona, Spain)

"Non-linear, viscoelastic properties of the distal radioulnar ligaments" by Werner FW, Masaoka S, Green JK, Longsworth SH (Syracuse NY, USA)

"Changes in shape of the triangular fibrocartilage during forearm rotation" by Nakamura T (Tokyo, Japan)

"A dynamic model of forearm supination and pronation" by Werner FW, Longsworth SH, Masaoka S, Short WH (Syracuse NY, USA)

"Biomechanics of the second metatarsophalangeal joint and its potential use as a vascularised transfer for a reconstruction of the DRUJ" by Lim BH, Loh Y J , Wan CT, Tan SH (Singapore)

"Dynamic factors affecting carpal stability" by Linscheid RL (Rochester MN, USA)

Round Table: "Past, present and future of Hand and Wrist Biomechanics research. Importance of cooperation between clinicians and mechanical engineers" by Drs. Kai-Nan An (Rochester MN, USA), Brunelli G (Brescia, Italy), Werner (Syracuse NY, USA). Moderator: Nelson D (San Francisco CA, USA)

General discussion and closing remarks