Fourth Triennial International Hand & Wrist Biomechanics Symposium

Izmir, Turkey, June 15, 2001


Ahmet Ekin, MD, Izmir, TurkeyMarc Garcia-Elias, MD, Insitut Kaplan

Organizing Committee

Kai-Nan An, PhD, Mayo ClinicDavid L. Nelson, MD, Director, San Francisco Bay Area Hand ClubFrederic Schuind, MD, PhD, Universite Libre de BruxellesFrederick W. Werner, MME, SUNY Upstate Medical Univeristy


9:00-9:10:Welcome address (Professor Ahmet) 9:10-9:25:"Influence of the various distal insertions of the so-called abductor pollicis longus (APL) on the trapezio-metacarpal joint" by Brunelli GA, Brunelli GR. (Brescia, Italy; and Paris, France).9:30-9:45:"Contact and dynamic analysis of the PIP joint fracture-dislocation using finite element method" by Hashizume H, Tanaka H, Sarai T, Nagayama N, Sakamoto Y (Okayama, Japan).9:50-10:05:"Verification of a video-based motion analysis system for measuring impairment of finger motion by fluoroscopy" by Kuo LC, Su FC, Chiu HY (Tainan, Taiwan).10:10-10:25:"Applying principles of Neurophysiology and robotics to understand biomechanics, neuromuscular control and clinical rehabilitation of human digits" by Valero-Cuevas FJ (Ithaca NY, USA).10:50-11:05:"Factors affecting tendon gliding" by An KN, Zobitz ME, Berglund L, Zhao CF, Uchiyama S (Rochester MN, USA)11:10-11:25:"Muscle activation during isometric torque generation at wrist joint" by Chang YW, Strommen J, Su FC, Wu HW, An KN (Rochester MN, USA).11:30-11:45:"Biomechanical assessment of dynamical/temporal performance in pianists" by Minetti AE, Ardigo LP (Alsager,UK, and Pavia,ltaly)11:50-12:30:Round Table: "New developments in external fixation of distal radial fractures. Are they biomechanical sound?" by Drs. Schuind F(Brussels, Belgium), Nelson D (San Francisco CA, USA), Luboshitz S (Tel-Aviv, Israel). Moderator: Garcia- Elias M (Barcelona, Spain)14:00-14:15:"Biomechanical analysis of a new lunate replacement for Kienbock's disease" by Tanaka H, Hashizume H, Oda M, Inoue H (Okayama, Japan)14:20-14:35:"The influence of wrist position on individual finger force production" by Li ZM, Flaherty M, Porco T, Nethery J (North Canton OH, USA)14:40-14:55:"Correlation between joint laxity, distal radioulnar joint morphology and ulnarside carpal kinematics" by Garcia-Elias M, Pitagoras T (Barcelona, Spain)15:00-15:15:"Non-linear, viscoelastic properties of the distal radioulnar ligaments" by Werner FW, Masaoka S, Green JK, Longsworth SH (Syracuse NY, USA)15:40-15:55:"Changes in shape of the triangular fibrocartilage during forearm rotation" by Nakamura T (Tokyo, Japan)16:00-16:15:"A dynamic model of forearm supination and pronation" by Werner FW, Longsworth SH, Masaoka S, Short WH (Syracuse NY, USA)16:20-16:35:"Biomechanics of the second metatarsophalangeal joint and its potential use as a vascularised transfer for a reconstruction of the DRUJ" by Lim BH, Loh Y J , Wan CT, Tan SH (Singapore)16:40-16:55:"Dynamic factors affecting carpal stability" by Linscheid RL (Rochester MN, USA)17:00-17:40:Round Table: "Past, present and future of Hand and Wrist Biomechanics research. Importance of cooperation between clinicians and mechanical engineers" by Drs. Kai-Nan An (Rochester MN, USA), Brunelli G (Brescia, Italy), Werner (Syracuse NY, USA). Moderator: Nelson D (San Francisco CA, USA)17:40-18:00:General discussion and closing remarks